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ISBN :9789579057639 / Pages : 116

Mountain Taros: Indigenous Classroom 2

Author Sakuliu Pavavaljung
Illustrator Sakuliu Pavavaljung

No matter whether our people are, the education of indigenous tribe and the cultural heritage can never be omitted.——Sakuliu

This is a book of life philosophy regarding the ancient wisdom from Paiwan people, and also the best gift from the winner of National Award for Arts, Sakuliu, to the tribes, children and people on this land.

Taro farms and the culture on the slopes link tightly and further connect with daily lives. In the history for thousands of years, our indigenous ancestors had accumulated rich spiritual and material civilization, developing the unique “taro” food culture of Paiwan people.
With the rapid development of advanced technology and the unbalance of earth temperature owing to global climate change, how can we link up the traditional knowledge and livelihood industry with mainstream economic market and modern knowledge system, and further transform for searching new opportunity to reactivate the ancient taro breed? The traditional wisdom reserved in the tribe has to be adapted to the new world with all such possibilities. This refers to a concept of extension and regeneration, desperate for being implemented.
The artist, Sakuliu, sorted the breeds of taros in the tribe and recorded the traditional dishes as well as the spirits of co-working, commensals and sharing, and the phenomenon of harmonious coexistence with nature, which were all vividly presented in the book with unadorned and genuine words and beautiful and exquisite paintings. He sincerely expects that all the people living on the same land are able to reconnect the possibilities of different concepts and developments, on the slope.

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