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ISBN :9789865432324 / Pages : 536

The Development of Science and Technology Policy in Taiwan: The Reminiscences of K.T. Li

Author Interviewer: Liu Su-fen; Recorders: Chen Yi-ju, Yuan Jing-wei and Lin Chi-ching

Mr. K.T. Li had assisted the drafting of the Science and Technology Development Plan and helped to set up the Science and Technology Advisory Group in 1978. He put strong emphases on promoting specific industries, including energy, materials, information, automation, optoelectronics, biology, hepatitis prevention, and food. The Institute for Information Industry and the Hsinchu Science Park are two distinctive examples. Mr. Li is also the leader of Taiwan's industrial transformation: moving from the agriculture to the industry; and from the labor-intensive industries to the technology-intensive industries, by means of cultivating the talents and promoting high-tech. In addition, instead of building state-owned enterprises, he concentrated on building private enterprises using venture capitals, in which TSMC is a successful case.



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