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ISBN :9789572640104 / Pages : 176

Nine Lives Man-Wallow In Light

Author Monday Recover
Award 2020 Golden Comic Award for Comic of the Year

Original Work : NINE LIVES MAN / AH TUI - PUSH COMIC To Zi-Yang Lin, Qing Lee is his crush since he was 14, and has always been as sacred as a goddess. But from today on, is she his subordinate? What is the hidden message that lies in the lifebar over his head ever since he has a crush on Qing? Is she and that sentiment a life savior or a haunting nightmare? Meanwhile, the stories between Ai-Wen Hsu, a girl from a band, and Qing Lee are also the focus of the work.

#Nine Lives Man、2020 Golden comics Awards


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Young Adult13-18
Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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