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ISBN :9789866634987 / Pages : 144

For the Time Being

Author Pei-Hsiu Chen
Illustrator Pei-Hsiu Chen
Award 2021 Taipei Book Fair Award, 2020 Golden Comic Award, 2020 Books From Taiwan x TAICCA

From the commuter experience of an office worker, to a single girl enjoying a meal alone, to cat lovers crossing paths in the middle of the night, to a cross-generation romance, For the Time Being is a collection of 9 short stories of the city.

#Drift # city life


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Appropriate Age
Young Adult13-18
Dala Publishing Company
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French, Simplified Chinese
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Locus Publishing Company
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Vinelle Pan
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886 2-8712-3898 ext. 35
Publisher Information
  • Founded in 2003, Dala Publishing Company has been devoted to promoting local comic artists to readers in Taiwan and abroad. It also provides channels for Chinese readers to discover European comics and coordinated the creation of cross-regional illustrated projects.