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ISBN :9789573285861 / Pages : 288

The Jianghu Adventure: the Lost Martial Art Contest

Author Yeou-Yu Chang
Illustrator Yi-Shian Lin
Award 2020 TIBE Award, 2020 Golden Tripod Award, 2020 the White Ravens

The lost legends were hidden in a peaceful small village: the lost martial art contest, an iron pillar carving winners’ name and the mysterious beast. One day, a bunch of strangers came and tried to retrieve the lost legends. Can the two 13-yr-old boys confronted and solved the mystery?

# Adventure # Fantasy #martial art # reading literacy


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Young Adult13-18
Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.
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Yuan-Liou Publishing Co Ltd
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Jennifer Wang
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+886-2-2571-0297 #624
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