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ISBN :9789864491698 / Pages : 144

Secret of Sorcery

Author Jia-Ru Hong
Illustrator Jia-Qi Wang

What secret in the circus? What trainings that the animals must be face? The book let reader understanding the severe situation of wild animals and lead children to think what can we do about improving the animals life and preventing their habits from humans destroy. Johnny is a magician who lives in the small town. He always believe that the real Sorcery exist in the world. One day, a circus come to his town to perform magic, Johnny hear the team who own the power of sorcery which is so exciting, Johnny is curious so he decide to sneak the backstage of circus. What amazing truth waiting for him?

#circus performance # portection of wild animal


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Young Adult13-18
Youth Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Youth Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Shi-Yuan Liu
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