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ISBN :9789864491759 / Pages : 44

Pea Princess and Jack

Author Wu-Qiao Huang
Illustrator Zhi-Min Huang

The kingdom of pea’s princess, who named Waya, is very smart, special and active. Her parent, the king and queen, worry that no one to get marry with their daughter, because Waya is too unusual. Someday, Waya raises the idea that is called “ test of pea kingdom”. Anyone can pass this test, who can get marry with Waya. A lot of boys attend this test and they are confident. Finally, who can gain the love of Waya and overcome this difficult test? It’s a special adventure story which adapts classical fairy tale, describing the independent spirit of girls. When you read the story, you can learn many kinds idioms which can improve the children’s ability about reading and writing.

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Middle Grade7-12
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Youth Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Shi-Yuan Liu
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