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ISBN :9789864491780 / Pages : 128

Martin, Martha, and Granny Xia

Author Shu-Fen Wang
Illustrator Pei-Jing Xu

Martin and Martha are brother and sister. They form the close lasting friendship with their neighbor Granny Xia, who is the solitary elders. Granny Xia always feel lonely until she meets Martin and Martha, who bring the light to her life. Martin, Martha and Granny Xia make ten wonderful living memory together. It’s the book that reveal the generational gap could be overcome and friendship also would be made in any situation if we can open ours hearts and abandon stereotypes.

#children have relation with elders # seniors # Long-Term Care Issue


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Young Adult13-18
Youth Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Youth Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Shi-Yuan Liu
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