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ISBN :9789869743716 / Pages : 48

Muddy the Hippo Has a Big Mouth

Author Szu-Yuan Liu
Illustrator Aling Chen

Muddy the hippo has a big mouth. When Muddy sneezes, the little rabbit and the giraffe all can't help but fly to the sky, and hurting their butts when falling own. Being scolded by other animals, Muddy feels very sad. At the same time, he finds out there is a crocodile secretly gets close to the little ducks. What should Muddy do?

#hippopotamus # mouth


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Early Readers3-6
Yes Creative Agency / Papa Publishing House
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Yes Creative Agency / Papa Publishing House
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  • Yes Creative Agency Papa Publishing House publishes illustrated books, fairy tales and fictions for kids. Each of them is originally created by Taiwanese writers and illustrators. By producing more Taiwanese based stories with local elements as well as common emotions shared worldwide, we hope to give children the chances to read more about their own culture and life, and evoke their interest of reading.