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ISBN :9789869743709 / Pages : 48


Author Lian-En Lin
Illustrator Lian-En Lin
Award 2021 TIBE Book Prize: Children's &YA Winner

The sun goes up. The city wakes up. This is our home where we live in.There are mountains, seas and bridges that connect the cities and the villages. There are stories goes on one by one in the city. Some stories that you might know, some might be new that you've never expected and experienced.The stories are on quietly and noisily in the city every day.

# Taiwan # Family #hometown # road


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Yes Creative Agency / Papa Publishing House
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  • Yes Creative Agency Papa Publishing House publishes illustrated books, fairy tales and fictions for kids. Each of them is originally created by Taiwanese writers and illustrators. By producing more Taiwanese based stories with local elements as well as common emotions shared worldwide, we hope to give children the chances to read more about their own culture and life, and evoke their interest of reading.