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ISBN :9789861336763 / Pages : 400

Her Sword: A Song of Earth (Book 2)

Author Huai Guan
Illustrator N/A

Antiques restoration is a lonely job where one becomes accustomed to loneliness. Ju-Chu knows it all. After graduating from college, she moves to a big city and starts her first job as a restorer. She didn’t expect much of anything to ever change, but things prove the opposite when she meets her beautiful colleague Hsiao Liam. At the age of 27, Hsiao Liam appears far more sophisticated than his looks may suggest. He seems to care deeply for Ju-Chu while keeping her at a distance. In an elevator accident, Hsiao Liam saves Ju-Chu by flying a sword and exposes his secret: he is an ancient sword that has taken on the human form. To Hsiao Liam, Ju-Chu is the one he has been waiting for thousands of years. As they get closer however, a spell begins to cause conflicts between his human and sword sides. He loves her, but the sword’s consciousness is trying to puncture her heart.

Comparable to A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES and inspired by cultures of the Bronze Age, HER SWORD creates unique characters and in essence explores the conflicts between what we need and what we want. The perfect blend of myth, romance, and ancient culture constructs a fictional world with its incredibly rich details.

"HER SWORD is the most wonderful work I have read in recent years with fantasy and romance. It not only possesses a charm for the book market, but also explores human nature in depth." ─ Chang Ta-Chun, bestselling author

"Huai Guan is a master storyteller. The magic in her words opens up our huge imagination." ─ Hsia Yun-Fen, radio celebrity

"Once you open the book, you don’t even have the time to eat." ─ Chen Feng-Hsin, radio celebrity



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Eurasian Publishing Group
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Andrew Nurnberg Associates Taipei
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  • Somewhere Else Entertainment manages story IPs for Taiwanese writer Huai Guan, as well as developing screenplays and show bibles for TV series, movies and VR/AR.