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ISBN :9789865224196 / Pages : 32

Mr. Hedgehog's Hug

Author Siang Ting Fong
Illustrator Jia Jyun Guo

"Hug", do you like hugs? When will you want a hug? Sometimes, when the feeling in your heart cannot be understood, how do you face such a dilemma? The seemingly ordinary actions actually imply the warmest emotional exchanges. In real life, you can't hug as you like to express your inner feelings, but the sincere and eager heart always exists. A kind-hearted Mr. Hedgehog, but he has no friends and never knows the feeling of a hug. He heard that the residents of "Hug the Town" would give each other a big hug, so he decided to take a look. In the small town, he saw mother mouse hugging little mouse, father sheep hugging mother sheep, and lady black cat hugging lady cat. He began to believe that he could realize his wish by hugging the town...will the animals give him a hug?



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Early Readers3-6
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