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ISBN :9789862942604  / Pages : 48

Raptors in the Wind

Author Hua-Jen, Ho
Illustrator Hua-Jen, Ho

Ho, Hua-Jen has been creating art works with birds for more than forty years. He masters in woodcut prints, watercolors and wood carvings, etc. Through his excellent works, we can not only appreciate the unique appearance of birds, but also get to know more about the characteristics and habits of the birds. This time, the fiercest birds, known as "eagles", fly with their sharp eyes and colorful feathers, changing into a cute rounded looks, that makes the all stories much more lovely. Page after page, we will see one after another domineering and elegant birds, sometimes hunting vigorously on paper, and sometimes resting leisurely on the stakes. By the quiet and tranquil background color and the poetic text with a sense of flow, we slowly become part of the air flow, flying with the eagle in different seasons and experience the fresh morning light and the quiet winter plain. Open "Eagle in the Wind", we will encounter the handsome birds, and feel free and wild while reading in the wind. Book features   1. The most popular bird watching painter Ho, Hua-Jen 's latest masterpiece in 2020, which interprets the heroic looks of the eagles in the wind.   2. With poetic words and vibrant paintings, it gently tells the eagles’ life from spring to winter, from early morning to dark evening. Letting us experience the joy of wild bird watching.   3. Learning about the differences between eagles, hawks, eagles, buzzards, kites, harriers, and falcons in interesting and literary ways.



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