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ISBN :9789865321123 / Pages : 52

Labortory of Taipei Railway Workshop

Author Chun-Liang, Lu
Illustrator Pei-Che, Cheng

The theme of this book is "Science in Taipei Machinery Factory". It is a science game picture book suitable for children over five years of age. The content is divided into five units: first understand the tasks and characteristics of each workshop. Through themed paper games, you can get closer to the workshop. Further lead the children to observe life phenomena and think about the causes. Through the special machines/facilities in the workshop, supplemented by easy-to-understand explanations of scientific principles. Invite children to make a science toy/experiment together.

#Taiwan Railway Factory & Workshop in Taipei


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc.
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Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc.
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Ashley, Cheng
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  • Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1995, with primary goal of creating and preserving dignity of Taiwan’s culture, by means of publishing books related to people, cultures, history and natures about Taiwan, enhancing Taiwanese to build up their self-confidence self-esteem and dignity. Furthermore, we have also been devoted to be an expert publisher to cultivate local writers and make Taiwanese culture known by our own people and foreign readers. In the year of founding, we also started a division Star & Moon House, introducing picture books for our children and teenagers from foreign countries, enabling them to share the beautiful, touching different cultures and common experiences worldwidely.