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ISBN :9789865321109 / Pages : 40

Fantastic Railway Museum

Author Tsung-Hsien, Cheng
Illustrator Cindy, Wume

The theme of this book is "Our Fantastic Images and Expectations for the National Railway Museum", and it is suitable for reading ages over five years old. The storyline is based on a series of surprising activities carried out by a group of children in each workshop when they visited the National Railway Museum, and unearthed the secrets of the protagonist's grandfather who worked here in the past. In the image, Wu Xinzhi, who has repeatedly been selected for the illustration awards, is invited to act as the lead, giving vivid and interesting imaginary pictures and vitality to the real life field.

#Taiwan Railway Factory & Workshop in Taipei


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc.
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Taiwan Interminds Publishing, Inc.
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Ashley, Cheng
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