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ISBN :9789869983631 / Pages : 68

Beeru Kids Around Taiwan: Hualien-Coming of Age

Author Taiwan Bar INC.
Illustrator Kun-Sheng Chen, Zi-Ling Lai

“Beeru Kids Around Taiwan: Hualien-Coming of Age” is set against the backdrop of the Kiwit Tribe in Ruisui Township in Hualien. As you flip through the pages, you’ll know more about the community’s “selal”—a military-esque system that divides males according to age and the cultural context behind this tradition. Different duties are assigned to each division and where top-down obedience is absolute. The story emphasizes that growing up is not about doing whatever you want, but is about fighting for your rights and respecting others.

#Taiwanese Culture # Taiwnese History # Taiwnese Geography # Master Framework for the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines


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