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ISBN :9789865412272 / Pages : 64

Happiness Memory

Author Wei-Chung Chang, Mei-Fei Kuo
Illustrator Chih-Chung Wang

What would you do when you just don't want to eat? Now, take a bite of the magical nine-layer cake One, two, three, four, five... Just give it five seconds, and then... magic "There's a restaurant called Nine-layer Home," Mother said, "and in that restaurant, there's a granny who is good at cooking. With her magical nine-layer cake, for just a single bite, she'd know immediately what to cook for her customers" Formosan black bear, grandpa wolf and little bird came far and wide to the Nine-layer Home. Take a guess, what kind of wonderful dish would the Nine-layer granny prepare for them?

#Hakka; magic; Hakka cuisine


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Children's Books
Shih-Chi Hsiao
Appropriate Age
Early Readers3-6
Taipei Hakka Affairs Commisson
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Taipei Hakka Affairs Commisson
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Chih-Ying Lin
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02 2702-6141 #225
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  • Hakka Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government was established on June 17, 2002. 1.Establish Taipei as a World Hakka Exchange Center with the goal of promoting the Hakka spirit and culture. 2.Consolidate the will and aspiration of the Hakkas and propagate the Hakka spirit. 3.Hakka Cultural and Historical Preservation and Promotion. 4.Hakka Culture Teaching.