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ISBN :9789865464004 / Pages : 61

Great Grandfather's Wishes

Author Mei-Fei Kuo
Illustrator Chih-Chung Wang

The picture book was based on a novel titled 創意神豬 Creative Divine Pig, written by SHAO-CHENG LU, a retired primary school principal. Focusing on the main core: Yimin Festival, one of the Hakka's native cultures, the picture book bridged different generations together by connecting the wishes of each family member. We also added elements, such as AR and VR to capture children's wildest imagination of transporting and present magical realism. Great Grandfather's Wishes is a picture book that creates connection towards different generations which fits our purpose of creating a fun reading experience for both parents and children.

#Hakka; Yimin Festival; divine pig; Wishes; different generations; native culture


Bibliographic Information
Children's Books
Tzu-Han Li, Shih Chi Hsiao
Appropriate Age
Middle Grade7-12
Taipei Hakka Affairs Commisson
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Rights Holder
Taipei Hakka Affairs Commisson
Rights Contact
Chih-Ying Lin
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Phone Number
02 2702-6141 #225
Publisher Information
  • Hakka Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government was established on June 17, 2002. 1.Establish Taipei as a World Hakka Exchange Center with the goal of promoting the Hakka spirit and culture. 2.Consolidate the will and aspiration of the Hakkas and propagate the Hakka spirit. 3.Hakka Cultural and Historical Preservation and Promotion. 4.Hakka Culture Teaching.