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ISBN :9789869723756 / Pages : 38

Where's Mommy?

Author Yu-Wen Chung
Illustrator Shih-Yang Lin
Award A-khioh Award for Picture Book

A baby rabbit found a fainted baby bird near the river. She took baby bird home to her mommy and tried to take care of her. After the baby bird was awake, the baby rabbit helped her to find her parents. Baby rabbit asked baby bird, “Do you know your name?” “My mom and dad called me baby”, baby bird said. Mommy rabbit asked baby bird, “do you know what kind of bird you are?” “Well…all I know is that my mom and dad have very beautiful dark blue feathers”. The adventure of “finding parents” began. The baby rabbit asked every neighbor “anyone in your family get lost?”, “Is this your baby?” On the way of finding family, there are so many different birds. Different names with distinguished colors. Kids get to know the diversity of birds and colors in one story. The book also has an appendix as an “illustrated book” to introduce the living environment and habits of the birds.

#Taiwan Blue Magpie # Formosan blue magpie # mommy # feather # color


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Early Readers3-6
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