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ISBN :9789869723732 / Pages : 44

Let's Find the Shelter from the Rain

Author Su-Chen Liu
Illustrator Shih-Han Kao
Award A-khioh Award for Picture Book

In the summer afternoon with heavy rain, the girl A-hông was going home with her red umbrella. She met so many insects on her way home. Everyone asked her “can you bring me home with you? I feel so cold out here”. Similar sentence patterns repeatedly appear here, so kids can catch them quickly. After the warm-hearted A-hông took them home, she conducted interviews to know them better. The insects told her about their living environment, how they live and what they eat…. In the story, kids can learn the Taiwanese names of cicadas, dragonflies, butterflies, scarabs, bees, and unicorns. Kids also learn how to describe the feeling of “cold” in Taiwanese. It can be freezing, chilling, shivering…. Besides the knowledge of the language, after reading the story, they get to know some facts of the nature.

#insects # rain


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