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ISBN :9789869723763 / Pages : 48

Hermit Crab Needs a Home

Author Jung-Shu Lin
Illustrator Shih-Han Kao
Award A-khioh Award for Picture Book

Who’s the hermit? Why he needs a home? There were stars in the sky. Hermit crab that hidden in a yogurt drink bottle finally had a chance to get out. He was singing and having fun…. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps was approaching. A girl walked to the seashore and finally find a hermit crab. She said, “When I was very little, my parents and I bought a hermit crab in a night market. It was just for fun. On the next day, I even brought it to school with me. My friends were so curious about my “toy”. Sadly, hermit crab died within a few days. I feel really sorry about it. At that point, I finally realized that I shouldn’t treat it that way” The story is about how the environment being polluted and the importance of teaching the children about treating all creatures kindly.

# Environment # nature #hermit crab # home


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