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ISBN :9789869509077 / Pages : 161

OT Diary

Author Elainee
Illustrator Elainee

A comic about professional occupational therapist Understanding “disabilities” through fantastical thoughts Living an extraordinary life with disabilities Leading us to define our own “health” An OT, short for occupational therapist, often works in a hospital’s rehabilitation department. Their areas of practice include: physical rehabilitation, mental health and pediatrics. Occupational therapy is the use of specific activities to help patients regain their focus in life. Even though the patients' physical function does not fully recover, they can still find other ways to maintain their quality of life and they don’t have to feel devastated after losing some of their physical functions. OT Diary documents the stories of nine of Elainee’s patients, exploring not how to treat or prevent the disabilities, but the needs deep inside the hearts of the patients and their caregivers while pointing out the true meaning of occupational therapy from a practitioner’s point of view. There are also segments about the author’s reflective thoughts, such as her feeling of powerlessness after working in the medical system and her frustration that a foreign caregiver knows how to nurse her father better. Every segment leads us to define our own “health”. Elainee’s comic style is simple and unadorned. Yet she can always pinpoint certain moments that challenge our perception of the rigorous medical science with her wild and girlish fantasies.


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Young Adult13-18
Slowork Publishing
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Slowork Publishing
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  • Focuses on publishing original graphic novels, with “diversity” at the core and “exploring truth” as the creative starting point. Assembles creators from countries across East Asia and South-East Asia to search for an illustrated narrative style that belongs uniquely to Asia.