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ISBN :9789866359798 / Pages : 176

Lunatic is a Night

Author Pao-Yen Ding, Yao-Ching Tseng, A Ray, Croter, Chn Chen
Illustrator Pao-Yen Ding, Yao-Ching Tseng, A Ray, Croter, Chn Chen

What would become if one day even our dreams are under surveillance? Would our bodies and souls are no longer under our control in totalitarian rule in the near future? Has totalitarian rude ever left us? With illustration and photography, six artists express their concerns of lives in such deteriorated condition. Traveling between virt ality and reality, what they present is the unawakable nightmares or the approaching truth?


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Young Adult13-18
Slowork Publishing / Dark Eyes Ltd.
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Slowork Publishing
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Pei-Shan Huang
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  • Focuses on publishing original graphic novels, with “diversity” at the core and “exploring truth” as the creative starting point. Assembles creators from countries across East Asia and South-East Asia to search for an illustrated narrative style that belongs uniquely to Asia.