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ISBN :9789869857307 / Pages : 144

Mayfly Island

Author Li Shang-Chiao
Illustrator Evergreen Yeh

A prophetic comic that combines Austronesian culture and ecological catastrophe. In a near future where the Earth’s ecology has fallen apart,  “Mayfly”, the only land that remains pure, is instead viewed as an ominous symbol. In the face of a gloomy tomorrow, how will the people of the future view the continuation of life?


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Young Adult13-18
Slowork Publishing
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Slowork Publishing
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Pei-Shan Huang
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  • Focuses on publishing original graphic novels, with “diversity” at the core and “exploring truth” as the creative starting point. Assembles creators from countries across East Asia and South-East Asia to search for an illustrated narrative style that belongs uniquely to Asia.