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ISBN :9789869509053 / Pages : 186

Good Friend, Cancer

Author Pam Pam Liu
Illustrator Pam Pam Liu

In February 2019, Pam Pam began publishing installments of "Good Friend, Cancer" on her Facebook fan page, depicting in single panels what happened after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis not only revealed her mother’s health problem, but also threw the family into turmoil. As her daughter, Pam Pam naturally took up the responsibility to nurse her mother. However, what lies behind this development, which seems perfectly normal in Chinese culture, is a much deeper anxiety.


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Young Adult13-18
Slowork Publishing
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Slowork Publishing
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Pei-Shan Huang
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  • Focuses on publishing original graphic novels, with “diversity” at the core and “exploring truth” as the creative starting point. Assembles creators from countries across East Asia and South-East Asia to search for an illustrated narrative style that belongs uniquely to Asia.