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ISBN :9789574375844 / Pages : 336

A Trip of Asylum

Author Pam Pam Liu
Illustrator Pam Pam Liu
Award Taipei Book Fair Prize/ Fiction/ First Prize

"A Trip to Asylum" is a fictional story based on Pam Pam's life experiences. Despite its vivid depiction of the serious challenges facing mental health patients, the comic retain its dark humor in telling the story of a young man who gradually uncovers his childhood trauma in the basement of an asylum. The story, set in the early '90s in Taiwan, plays with the trope of the entire world appearing as an asylum to mental health patients. She also highlights the controversies of recent years surrounding mentally ill defendants in Taiwan's judicial system, forcing the reader to gain a better understanding of psychological disorders before they take sides. She gives dramatic treatment to the idea that individuals with mental illness are often the product of domestic and other forms of violence, guiding her audience to appreciate that a broad set of factors undergird these issues. Pam Pam offers a unique perspective on how individuals suffering mental health issues go about their daily routine as well as fit into mainstream society. She also wants to mention that : normal people are not really NORMAL.


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Young Adult13-18
Slowork Publishing
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