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ISBN :9789865517380 / Pages : 56

My Two Mommies

Author Liu, Yu-Hao
Illustrator Liu, Tsung-Yu

“My Two Mommies” l Sam sex parents l Love is love Is it weird to have two mommies? Can you actually have two mommies? I-Lun has got two mommies, mommy Bao and mommy Ga Ga. I-Lun has also got so many questions from her friends at school. “Why do you have two mommies?” “Are your mommies married?” “Don’t we all have a daddy and a mommy?” Is I-Lun really that special? Taiwan’s first original picture book about homosexual marriage. After legalizing same-sex marriage in May, 2019, the society expects to have more children coming from a homosexual family entering schools in the future. Peers are so important for children and by reading this book with them, we hope to guide our kids through the topic that love comes in different forms but they are equal in another. It is especially important for children coming from the same-sex family to understand that although the structure of their family may be different from others, they are just as equally loved by their mommies/daddies as their other friends who have a mommy and a daddy. Author/Illustrator The author – Mr. LIU, YU-HAO Mr. Liu works as an advocate of gender equality and as an elementary school teacher in Southern Taiwan. Mr. Liu had published “A-Ken and His Special Neighbor”, a book about a little boy and his encounter with his warm and kind gay neighbors. The illustrator – Dr. LIU, TSUNG-YU Dr. Liu, a surgical doctor, a writer and a promoter for children’s gender equality education.

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