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ISBN :9789579077774 / Pages : 48

Kappa's Daily 3:Tweety Who Misses an Ear.

Author Poca
Illustrator Poca

frequently attacked, so the class and Kappa decides to make him feel all comfy and welcomed in class. However, Tweety was unwilling to play with the class, the class now thinks “That’s why Tweety was kicked out by his friends He is so weird” Follow Kappa and let’s help Tweety to blend in This picture book aims to guide our children to take a step back and try to understand the reason behind someone’s action instead of giving them a tag and decide to leave them alone. The willingness to help out others and to communicate with new friends is important for children when entering a new environment or someone new comes in. It is a great selection also for the parents to reflect on this topic and discuss on things we can do when facing similar scenario with our kids. Author/Illustrator: Poca Poca came from the Japanese meaning of “warmness”. Poca hopes that her creation can bring to the readers the courage to keep moving forward.

#confidence #respect


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