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ISBN :9789579077774 / Pages : 48

Kappa's Daily 2:Give Me a Hand, Kappa

Author Poca
Illustrator Poca

l Sympathy l Expression l Entering a New Environment Kappa just moved from an island to a mountain with mommy and has just started to go to a new local school. Kappa is shy, nervous but works so hard to get used to this new environment while missing everything back home. It’s the teacher, Mr. Jeffrey’s birthday tomorrow and the class is getting ready for the birthday party. However, everyone has their own small favors to ask for Kappa’s help. There is less than one day for the preparation and Kappa has to do his own work and help out everyone. Can Kappa finish drawing the birthday card, cleaning the floor, run down the mountains to get black tea and help everyone? Have you been in the same situation before? You are super busy already, but your friends or families ask for a small favor and you just can’t say NO. Helping them but leaving all your original plans behind and uncompleted. This picture book aims to guide our children to understand about sympathy. Helping others is a great thing to do, and asking for a help is perfectly ok When children enter a new environment, perhaps pre-school or primary school, it’s very easy to feel nervous and worried. Even as adults, we know exactly how it feels when butterflies are in our stomachs. This series is designed to encourage children to understand how to express your own feelings and how to sympathize with others. Author/Illustrator: Poca Poca came from the Japanese meaning of “warmness”. Poca hopes that her creation can bring to the readers the courage to keep moving forward.

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