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ISBN :9789865517519 / Pages : 128

Bunny the Secret Keeper

Author Chang, Yo-Yu
Illustrator cat fish

How many times have we said in our life, “Do you want to hear a secret? But promise me you won’t tell anyone”, and how many times have we told another person someone’s secret? Don’t worry, you can tell your secret to Bunny the Secret Keeper as it never shares the secret it received from its best friend Mei. Mei is not a happy girl, and like most of us, she did some, “not so good” things in her life as well. Like hiding away her friend’s toy, or accidently messed up the library book. Mei told every secret to her best friend Bunny. But because Bunny is the best secret keeper, its backpack is overloaded with too many secrets. One day after Mei told Bunny she now hates her parents the most, Bunny decided “this is enough” and not to listen any other secrets. His ears are full of clips, and it worked He can’t hear any other secrets now but that day, Mei was heart-broken and chose to tell her secret to Bunny. Bunny felt so bad that he had clips on his ears so he could not hear about it anymore. Bunny couldn’t comfort Mei because he did not know what happened, instead, it saw Mei wrote a letter and put it into the drawer. Bunny knew the secrets he missed are sealed in the letter, he must do something to help his best friend. Here begins the journey of a loyal Bunny friend.

#Family literature


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Middle Grade7-12
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