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ISBN :9789571465951 / Pages : 32

Caterpillar Boy

Author Ming-gong Chiang
Illustrator Ming-gong Chiang
Award 2020 Taipei City Children’s Literature “Excellent Media for Children’s Reading” Selection

Due to the thick, caterpillar-like scar on his face, Yang-yang is too self-conscious to talk to his classmates. He's sure that everyone will be scared of him However, he still wishes he had friends to play with. How will his dreams ever come true? This book by Ming-gong Chiang is a heartwarming story about overcoming fears and developing confidence in oneself. It also reminds children that visible scars are nothing to be afraid of and to be accepting of those who may look different.

#self affirmation # scars # self-confidence # individuality # children # dreams


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Early Readers3-6
San Min Book Company
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San Min Book Company
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Allie Hwang
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