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ISBN :9789571469812, 9789571469829 / Pages : 40

Bebe and Friends

Author Pipi Liu
Illustrator Pipi Liu

Picture books have evolved beyond 2D illustrations Through photographs of highly detailed, handcrafted dolls and environments, children are able to fully immerse themselves in Bebe's animal world. By following along on adventures with Bebe and his friends, children will learn simple mathematical concepts that are relevant to their every day lives. First, join Bebe's friends as they plan and prepare a surprise birthday party for him Everyone keeps careful track of the time so that they'll be ready when Bebe shows up at the party, and children can follow along with the analogue clock printed on each page. Then, children learn to recognize basic shapes and colors with Bebe and his friends. Santa's reindeer catches a cold, so Bebe and his friends come to the rescue by taking over the job and helping Santa deliver the last few gifts on his list.

#friendship # educational # handcrafted


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
San Min Book Company
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San Min Book Company
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Allie Hwang
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