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ISBN :9789578544659 / Pages : 40

Mommy Is My Angel

Author Yi-Chin Huang
Illustrator Yi-Chin Huang

Yi-Chin Huang began his career as the illustrator of picture books in 1988, and was once entered into the Illustrator’s Exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This is Huang’s anticipated latest book. To ease the grief and loss; to love and reminiscence: The book overflows with the affection shared between the parents and the children. Accompanied by the Angel Mother, the little girl gains the strength to transform her memories of her beloved one into a power that will help her get through—in the face of bereavement. A picture book that is profoundly enlightening: This book serves as a sort of guidance that takes its young readers onto an expedition in hope to find the ultimate meaning of life and death, and to reconcile with the bereavement of losing the beloved ones. A heartfelt journey full of love and tenderness.

#Growing Up # Facts of Life # Death & Dying


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Rye Field Children Publications
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Rye Field Publications, a division of Cite Publishing Ltd.
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