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ISBN :9789579380454 / Pages : 48

Who's in the Hole

Author Chieh-Wen Cheng
Illustrator Chieh-Wen Cheng
Award 2021 Bologna Children's Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition Finalists List

One day, when the Taiwanese Black Bear went out for some honey, he found a hole that he’d never seen before. He couldn’t go inside and see, so he smelt closely, turned out that it was a brand new smell that he’d never smelt either He began to dig in, while accidentally damaging a termite nest, the mystery was solved. The hole belonged to the pangolin For the trouble the Black Bear caused, the pangolin lost its food. Could he help and make it up to the new friend?

# nature #Formosan black bear # Forest


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Pace Books, an imprint of Walkers Cultural Enterprise LTD.
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Walkers Cultural Enterprise LTD.
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