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ISBN :9789579380553 / Pages : 48

Welcome to the Paradise : The Story of Migratory Birds

Author Bo-Le Liu
Illustrator Bo-Le Liu
Award 2021 TIBE Book Prize Nominated

Taiwanese illustrator Bo-Le, Liu specializes in observing the wildlife animals and drawing them down with stunning painting works. In this book, he set the scene in one of the wetlands in Chiayi City, which had been abandoned by human but saved by the wild birds. In his eyes, the birds gathered together chirping as if they’re saying “Hello” “How are you?” to each other. But there was one big black bird, standing alone and didn’t care to speak to anyone. Was he just like being alone, or there was something that he’s waiting for?

#migratory birds # wetland # nature


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Pace Books, an imprint of Walkers Cultural Enterprise LTD.
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Walkers Cultural Enterprise LTD.
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Belle Huang
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