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ISBN :9789869730730 / Pages : 32

The Little Yellow Umbrella

Author Tomas Rizek
Illustrator Tomas Rizek

This book is like a mirror of you, bringing some questions to you. Readers compare thier experienes and situation, and they could check some ways and responses with these texts and pictures. The book do introduction for recognizing the ways for teenagers. Something like picturebook for your thinking. You can check the pictures and you can read the short texts and it would be great if you need thinking some time some things after this readings. To me, the little yellow umbrella is a symbol of "key point". On our life journeys, we rely on these "key points", which come to us at different stages, affect us, and shape us to become who we are now. A key point comes to greet us then leaves, so we can move on with our lives to look for the next small yellow umbrella. Because of these small yellow umbrellas in life, I can carry on my life journey... Looking for the yellow umbrella is a journey of self-seeking in life. Many years ago, I was lost in the remote countryside in China. I tried hard to find any recognizable landmarks. In the distance, a yellow umbrella, soaked in rain and moisture, moved left and right on the foggy hillside. The bright yellow was my only guidance. It moved from side to side along the winding mountain road. Sometimes it went up then took a sharp turn and went down. Finally, not too faraway, I saw it re-emerge. Then it passed me by and waved a bit as if it was saying goodbye. In a blink of an eye, this small yellow umbrella disappeared behind the cliff and was nowhere to be seen.



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Young Adult13-18
Mi:Lu Publishing
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Mi:Lu Publishing
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  • Mi:Lu Publishing, established in 2017 by Czech artist Tomáš Řízek, publishes books for kids in traditional Chinese language. Based in Czech and Taiwan, Mi:Lu participates in activities supporting children´s education and international culture exchange. Besides making beautiful picture books, Mi:Lu also works with several famous local authors such us Liu Ka-shiang, Wu Ming-yi, Lo Ching to translate their books into Czech language and published them in Czech. So far Mi:Lu have been cooperating with Czech MOC as well as Taiwanese MOC and other Taiwanese institutions, CCK-ISC at Charles University, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, National Library of Public etc.