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ISBN :9788088262077 / Pages : 28

Shoot the Sun

Author Chialu Dargaw
Illustrator Tomas Rizek

This book was selected by Taiwan Ministry of Culture into the 40th Book for Youth. It's the story about shooting the sun, from Taiwan aboriginal ancient tale.

#Aboriginal #Legend #native taiwanese #Atayal


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Mi:Lu Publishing
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Mi:Lu Publishing
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Emily Jiang
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  • Mi:Lu Publishing, established in 2017 by Czech artist Tomáš Řízek, publishes books for kids in traditional Chinese language. Based in Czech and Taiwan, Mi:Lu participates in activities supporting children´s education and international culture exchange. Besides making beautiful picture books, Mi:Lu also works with several famous local authors such us Liu Ka-shiang, Wu Ming-yi, Lo Ching to translate their books into Czech language and published them in Czech. So far Mi:Lu have been cooperating with Czech MOC as well as Taiwanese MOC and other Taiwanese institutions, CCK-ISC at Charles University, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, National Library of Public etc.