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ISBN :9788088262084 / Pages : 28

Lukai Pearl

Author Chialu Dargaw
Illustrator Tomas Rizek

It's about a love story between the Rukai Tribe’s guardian, a snake spirit and the Rukai Tribe leader’s daughter. This tale has the look of the eastern version of Beauty and the Beast. On top of it, we added a theme of the sustainable development of environment.

#Lukai #Aboriginal #Legend #native taiwanese


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Mi:Lu Publishing
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Mi:Lu Publishing
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Emily Jiang
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  • Mi:Lu Publishing, established in 2017 by Czech artist Tomáš Řízek, publishes books for kids in traditional Chinese language. Based in Czech and Taiwan, Mi:Lu participates in activities supporting children´s education and international culture exchange. Besides making beautiful picture books, Mi:Lu also works with several famous local authors such us Liu Ka-shiang, Wu Ming-yi, Lo Ching to translate their books into Czech language and published them in Czech. So far Mi:Lu have been cooperating with Czech MOC as well as Taiwanese MOC and other Taiwanese institutions, CCK-ISC at Charles University, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, National Library of Public etc.