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ISBN :9789865549169 / Pages : 60

Love Letter

Author Animo Chen
Illustrator Animo Chen

"Love Letter" is an illustrated poem with the Taiwanese-language. The first three landscapes of the book actually connect to form a panorama with forests, log ponds, railroad tracks for transporting logs, paper mills, and old printing presses. The poem is what completes this gentle love letter to the transformation of trees into books. This Love Letter is a confession of love to the author’s mother language, to trees, to books, to the entire process of book-making.

#Confess # Printing # Type printing # Tree # Book # Protolanguage


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Young Adult13-18
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Locus Publishing Company
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Vinelle Pan
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  • A Taiwanese publisher focusing on business, true stories including memoirs, biographies, travelogues, etc., self-help, illustrated books, fiction, young adult, history, philosophy, health, as well as daily inspirations and light literature designed for female readers.