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ISBN :9789865463359 / Pages : 48

The Taste of Pineapple

Author China- Hua Li
Illustrator Chin-Lang Hsieh

The Taste of Pineapple Pineapple is a very native fruit in Taiwan. Its unremarkable thick skin is full of sweet and sour aroma. A sack of pineapple carried from Pingtung to Hsinchu makes the author see and taste this unforgettable and full of warmth pineapple for the first time when she was three years old. This is a story written in the first person about the military kindred village in Taiwan. Through vivid and warm language, it incorporates many important time and space scenes and historical backgrounds. Let's relive the story of the characters in that war era, and many profound elements of the military kindred village are also presented one by one. The title of this picture book, which is full of philosophical implications, also presents the mixed and varied tastes of people who were far away from their hometown of war, traveled across the sea and took root in Taiwan, just like the taste of Taiwan pineapple in their respective interpretations of their taste buds.


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Young Adult13-18
Taoyuan City Government Department of Cultural Affairs
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