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ISBN :9789865463366 / Pages : 48

The Shiny Medal of Honor

Author Hong-Wen Xie
Illustrator Jui-Cheng Chen

The Shiny Medal of Honor This picture book is like a sincere and affectionate documentary. If the law of conservation of mass is established, then memory will never disappear. It is only temporarily stored in a safe or an old suitcase. One spring Saturday night, Guo-en’s mother took an old suitcase from above the wardrobe to the living room. It seemed to Guo-en that his mother was behaving like a pirate in a storybook who had just dug up a mysterious treasure box, so he followed her curiously. Guo-en watched in excitement and anticipation as his mother slowly opened the box. Through the second-generation mother, the third-generation Guo-en from the military kindred village has seen the grandfather of the first generation in the military kindred village. The inter-generational arrangement is full of strong expectations for cultural inheritance. "Medal" is the carrier of the military's sense of honor, representing dedication and sacrifice being seen by the country and affirmed by the society; "Military dependents" are the most important spiritual support for military personnel and give them incomparable encouragement; "Military kindred villages” has settled down the military dependents, so that the military go forward bravely without worries.


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Middle Grade7-12
Taoyuan City Government Department of Cultural Affairs
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