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ISBN :9789579047685 / Pages : 48

Riveting Popsicle Sticks

Author Li-Jung-Shih
Illustrator oodiWu-Ti Huang

No mater the weather is hot or cold, having a popsicle is always joyful for every child. “Riveting Popsicle Sticks” is a picture book with games for parent-child using popsicle sticks. The author showed us so many interesting little games simply using popsicle sticks. Playing along with this book will open your mind of having a popsicle, create unlimited possibilities of such pure enjoyment. These games are not only environmental protected, but also with numerous varieties, and no extra cost, no venue restrictions. Once started, you will soon find happiness in the simplest of things and stimulate your imagination and creativity. Let us use these simple popsicle sticks to create all these simple, pure, plain, and electromagnetic waves free parent-child time to magnify the joy of having a popsicle.

#creativity/imagination/popsicle sticks/environmental protected/


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Early Readers3-6
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