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ISBN :9789579047548 / Pages : 48

I Love New Clothes

Author Li-Jung-Shih
Illustrator Li-Jung-Shih
Award 78th Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone

Bei-Bei got the gifts she wanted for so long on her birthday. A pink Pettiskirt and a pair of shiny shoes. She insisted on putting on her new outfit to play in the park later on that day after the rain. What will happen then? Every child will relate to this is picture book while their parents laugh into it. Because they all have this kind of silly persistence from time to time. The author presented the warmth and wisdom in parent-child conflict in a funny childlike innocence way. Hoping this book can help our children learn not to be afraid of making mistakes, and to make a choice wisely, decide smart, and develop their problem-solving ability.

#parental education/judgment/wisdom/problem-solving ability


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Early Readers3-6
Little Soldier Publishing Company Ltd.
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