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ISBN :9789579250498,9789579250504 / Pages : 64

The Science in Fairy Tales 1-2

Author Little Newton Team
Illustrator Little Newton Team

Apart from rich imagination, what inspiration can fairy tales bring to children? If the child can be guided to explore the profound mystery of science whilst reading, enriching his or her knowledge and understanding, how wonderful that would be. The children’s familiar fairy tales are in fact encapsulating many interesting scientific phenomena. Little Newton’s “The Science in fairy tales” makes use of lively children's fairy tales as the conduit to stimulate the child’s motivation for learning, bringing demonstration of scientific principles into children's world as lively and animated stories and characters, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, and conferring rich colours to the otherwise dull and monotonous knowledge of science.

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Middle Grade7-12
Little Newton Science Education Company Ltd.
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Little Newton Science ducation Company Ltd.
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Yung-Hsin Kao
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  • Little Newton is one of the leading children and science publishing company in Taiwan. Began with publication of “Newton Magazine” in 1983, “Little Newton Magazine” in 1984, and “Little Newton for Kids and Toddlers” in 1990. Till now, we have created over 1,000 best seller publications. In 2003, we released our titles in China Mainland via copyright licensing. They have been loved by many children, parents and teachers. Little Newton is taken as an important brand for children publication in China. Now, we will extend from paper books and eBooks to on-line courses, and from Chinese-speaking world to worldwide.