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ISBN :9789579250665 / Pages : 48

Play & Learn-Adventure in the Rainforests

Author Little Newton Team
Illustrator Little Newton Team

The goal of this series is to enable children to play games at the same time assimilating various knowledge of science; so that they may have a more comprehensive intellectual development. The fun games encompass the two main themes of the grassland and rainforest, providing a rich collection of knowledge on different subject matters. Knowledge is ingeniously combined with the game, revolving around the main storyline of the travelogues of the three central characters, Brother Ah-Bao, Qi-Qi the Curious One, and Young Inquirer Xiao Wen, with the aim of stimulating the child’s interest so he or she can become more engaged into the story scenarios. In addition, the games in this book are also quite diversified, including paper stickers, maze, colouring and drawing picture, counting numbers, observation training, graphic recognition and logics training, etc. The main goal is to strengthen the child’s comprehensive development, enabling the child to acquire better abilities, helping him or her to perform better in subsequent schooling. This book highlights the attributes of being a game collection as well as science reading material. Therefore, in addition to playing games, it can also be used as science reading material that contains a rich amount of knowledge. The parent may also choose to guide the child in reading the knowledge contents first, before getting on with playing the games. In the instance of children of younger age, mom and dad need not compel them to study the knowledge contents; they may simply play the games first, and then learn the knowledge at a later time. Moreover, in order to help the child to complete the games in a relaxed frame of mind, the parent is recommended to treat this book as “games” rather than as “homework”. If the child gets into difficulties, mom and dad need not feel too anxious, they may give hints to the child or skip over the difficult part to come back and play it again later.

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Middle Grade7-12
Little Newton Science Education Company Ltd.
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Little Newton Science ducation Company Ltd.
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Yung-Hsin Kao
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  • Little Newton is one of the leading children and science publishing company in Taiwan. Began with publication of “Newton Magazine” in 1983, “Little Newton Magazine” in 1984, and “Little Newton for Kids and Toddlers” in 1990. Till now, we have created over 1,000 best seller publications. In 2003, we released our titles in China Mainland via copyright licensing. They have been loved by many children, parents and teachers. Little Newton is taken as an important brand for children publication in China. Now, we will extend from paper books and eBooks to on-line courses, and from Chinese-speaking world to worldwide.