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ISBN :9789579250139 / Pages : 56

How Animals Lives-How To Start a Family

Author Little Newton Team
Illustrator Little Newton Team

Nature is wonderful, mysterious and dangerous. In order to survive, wild animals have developed a variety of unique survival skills. These amazing ways of survival make the competition between animals exceptionally exciting. This book introduces how animals try their best to win the favor of the opposite sex in order to breed. For example, male kingfisher give gifts to female kingfisher, blue-footed booby perform exquisite dance to attract female bird’s attention, satin bowerbird build house to wait for bride to move in, kangaroo and rhinoceros beetle bring down competitors. Brilliant pictures in the book let readers immerse themselves. Reading this book not only allows children to learn about many interesting animal behaviors, but also inspires children to admire the mysteries of nature and love life.

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Middle Grade7-12
Little Newton Science Education Company Ltd.
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Little Newton Science ducation Company Ltd.
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Yung-Hsin Kao
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  • Little Newton is one of the leading children and science publishing company in Taiwan. Began with publication of “Newton Magazine” in 1983, “Little Newton Magazine” in 1984, and “Little Newton for Kids and Toddlers” in 1990. Till now, we have created over 1,000 best seller publications. In 2003, we released our titles in China Mainland via copyright licensing. They have been loved by many children, parents and teachers. Little Newton is taken as an important brand for children publication in China. Now, we will extend from paper books and eBooks to on-line courses, and from Chinese-speaking world to worldwide.