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ISBN :9789865863364 / Pages : 32

A Little Black Monkey

Author Hsieh Wu-Jang
Illustrator Shih Li-Rong

Monks of the temple meditated and chanted all day long, leading a peaceful and tranquil life. However, some monkeys stole things and made a lot of troubles. The monks couldn’t do anything about these monkeys, until a monk from a distant place came with a marvelous idea for driving away the monkeys.


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Middle Grade7-12
Little Bear Books
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  • Little Bear Books, established in September 2010, is a new division of The Republic Publishing Group in Taiwan. In order to enrich children's reading experience and satisfy their natural-born curiosity and the urge to explore the world, we commit ourselves to publish the most professional and diverse children's books, by means of cultivating the creativity and expertise of authors and artists in local Taiwanese community, as well as introducing the state-of-the-art publications from abroad. The categories of our publishing plan include: Picture Books, Fairy Tales, Chapter Books and Young-Adult Fictions. During one's life, childhood is the stage to develop imagination, which is part of the force that guides the children to see and understand a world that is brand new to them. In the process, reading plays a crucial role to nourish children's mind and broaden their visions that immensely contributes to their futures. With this conviction, we dedicate the books we think worthy to our readers.