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ISBN :9789570853513 / Pages :  524

The Story in the Classic of Mountains and Seas: the Series of Mr. Nanshan

Author Dun-ling Zou
Illustrator Fang-chun Lo

The story in the Classic of Mountains and Seas: the series of Mr. Nanshan is based on the story in the Chinese classic---Mountains and seas. The book tells the story of a boy named Nan, who was sent to a doctor, Mr. Nanshan as an apprentice. At Nanshan’s place, there are so many mysterious and magical herbs. People come to Mr. Nanshan for many different reasons, including having nightmares every night, being incapable of controlling their own behaviors, etc. Some also bring all kinds of mythical creatures and ask Mr. Nanshan what they are. How exactly can Mr. Nanshan help them?

#Classic of Mountains and Seas # herbs # medicine # monster # creature


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Middle Grade(7-12)
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Ailbert Cultural Company Limited
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