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ISBN :9789863187233 / Pages : 200

English POWER-On 3: Building Vocabulary & Reading Skills (2nd Ed.) (16K+1MP3)

Author Laura Phelps

The book is for intermediate English learners and is useful for vocabulary and reading instruction at the college level.

The English POWER-On: Building Vocabulary and Reading Skills series is comprised of three books catering to English learners of different proficiency levels. Each book contains 18 units and 36 lessons that provide attractive reading material on different themes and various topics, including Travel, Animals, People, Art & Literature, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Computers & the Internet, and Nature. This series offers you valuable practice with real English and a wealth of reading strategies and activities designed to help you build your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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    Our quest at Cosmos is to publish English and Japanese books for language study in a great diversity of subjects and with excellence in content and to create the most modern layouts to meet the needs of readers. We want readers to feel that studying a language is no longer a heavy burden, but an enjoyable experience.

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    Our aim is to make you realize that language is not a barrier or a cold tool, but a form of beautiful art, natural music, and a dancing dialog between human beings.