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ISBN :9789570851496, 9789570851502, 9789570853834, 9789570853841 / Pages : 40

Getting Cold? Here Comes the Rescue Team;Rotavirus And His Friends; AchooItchy; Be Careful of the Accident Monster

Author Hsiu-Min Tsai
Illustrator Chia-Ling Shih, Yi-Chien Wu, Chun-chun Lin, Mei-bao Tsai

The series of “Let’s Get Healthy” focuses on the knowledge of children’s illness and health care. With simple and vivid description and illustration, the series aim at letting children learn the knowledge of basic health care, illness and germs. This series is written by a professional pharmacist and proofread by doctors to insure the knowledge in the books are correct and eligible. This series contain 4 books; Getting Cold? Here Comes the Rescue Team, Rotavirus And His Friends, Achoo Itchy, Be Careful of the Accident Monster Getting Cold? Here Comes the Rescue Team introduces how cold spreads among people, how to avoid getting cold, and the medicine of treating cold. Rotavirus And His Friends introduces the virus and germs that cause diarrhea, how to prevent it, and the different symptoms when infected by different germs or viruses. Achoo Itchy introduces allergy, what are the symptoms caused by allergy, what are the different possible allergen, and how to avoid allergy from getting worse. Be Careful of the Accident Monster teaches children to avoid accident from happening, such as preventing running too fast to fall, avoid touching outlet of electricity, etc.

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